Concise Teaching Hacks for Medics- Learning & Teaching on the Battle Field’

By Dr. Pauline Morris
Doctors Caring for Doctors

On the Job Training

Learn how to maximise all your teaching and training opportunities!

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    Dr. Pauline Morris


    Consultant Anaesthetist

    Physician Career Coach

    Who am I?

    Hi! Welcome to Doctors Caring for Doctors

    My goal is to help physicians(and physicians to be) like you, learn how to leaverage their innate skills sets to navigate the complexities of Medicine with as little stress as possible!

    My passion is to help doctors avoid burnout, by making career choices that are aligned with their values, beliefs and ultimately, complement their personal lives.

    This book will help you to:

    • Use teaching/learning strategies that are quick and easy to implement
    • Optimise the trainer/learner interaction
    • Know when to use specific teaching/training tools
    • Better understand the mentor/mentee relationship